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 Currently Meetups will be helds in the NYC area for the year 2019

We create safe comfortable spaces for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in training to build high level relationships, gain more entrepreneurship education, and socialize with other like minded startup professionals. By joining our Meetup groups you will have access to other entrepreneurs and business professionals. We focus on partnerships, structure, and communication. We  also plan to network and connect with other startup networking groups to expand our reach in assisting and helping each other find the exact partnerships needed to grow your startup or entrepreneurial ventures.   

Networking is by Far

the Most Important Choice

You Can Make

in Growing Your Business or Career.

New StartUP Partners Meetups

Entrepre-StartUP Talks

As the main meetup event, ALL Entrepreneurs and business professionals are welcomed! This MeetUp is for (1) Entrepreneurs looking to or already operating a startup venture and (2) business professionals looking to use their abilities to be a part/partners in startup businesses. 

At these Meetups, attendants’ entrepreneurship issues can be voiced and request for partner(s) will be heard. Also, business professionals can present their knowledge, skills, and abilities and request to join different startup businesses. After each event there will be time to network and build your contact list with all the attendants.

Partnership Commuication

This will be a fun Meetup to learn and practice how to communicate with potential partners or the partners you’re looking to start a Startup business venture with. In any type of relationship even more so business, communication is very important in the success of reaching goals together.

In this meetup, you will create a partnership chart for yourself (this chart is exclusive to New StartUP Partners), you will learn how to easily communicate your business and individual goals to your partner, you will also learn when it’s time to seek legal advice and sign contacts to formally seal your partnership. 


All meetups are independent of each other.

More Future Meetups to Come

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