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New StartUP Partners is about  You. It’s being built for You. To be used and grown by You. To assist You to build and thrive in your businesses and startup ventures. Someone somewhere needs your exact skills to join with them so both of you can benefit from the partnership. So several of you can benefit from the partnership. It all depends on you and how you want to use your abilities to grow your venture(s).   

New StartUP Partners

Brooklyn, NY

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New StartUP Partners will be the new start of how people come together and create income. Everyone will be in business for themselves in one way or another. The economy is rapidly changing. Jobs are no longer secure. Life is become more automated and digital. The cost of living is moving at a faster pace than the minimum wage. People are going to have to find new ways to create income and build assets for themselves if they plan to live comfortable and continue surviving in this  economy. Why not merge your abilities with other compatible partners, operate your own, and control your own money making abilities? It’s simple as knowing what your strengths are and how to use them.

New StartUP Partners will be a social meetup group for new start-ups and entrepreneurs. Its for individual professionals looking to start a startup or join a startup. It’s also for professionals who have specialized skills that they can put to use in helping and assisting someone else’s business venture or dream. You can be a part of just one or several different businesses depending on you and what all you would like to invest your time and abilities into. New StartUP Partners provides the platform and basic partnership and entrepreneurial consultation.

New StartUP Partners is about community. We are startups and entrepreneurs just like you are startups and entrepreneurs. A community of entrepreneurs and business professionals coming together with our abilities and creating successful partnerships and businesses. 

Life as we know it is constantly changing and evolving. How we make our income and create wealth is constantly changing and evolving. As entrepreneurs we know and see this. As business professionals we are directly in it. As people we are being directly and indirectly affected by it. New business laws and workplace policies are created and changed daily. A lot of us in stable working conditions now is going to be left out here with no job or occupation. In 2019, how do we have a Federal government Shut Down?  

New StartUP Partners is building our own Meetup community in preparation of what’s to come. We do not want to have to depend on a job or the government for our livelihood.  The Great thing about being a part of New StartUP Partners is that you can start and grow from exactly where you’re currently at in your job, career, or entrepreneurship experience.

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We do not offer legal advice at this time. Please consult an attorney with all legal questions.

Reserved for the First 5 Official Partnerships Created through NSU Partners